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Routine Check-up & Prophy Cleanings

At the Dentist



  We strive to provide excellence in every aspect of your treatment. We welcome all members of your family to our general dentistry office, and we do our best to create comfortable, anxiety-free visits every time. We use the latest in technology and techniques to provide quality general dental care.


  Regularly removing food debris and bacteria is a key element of having good oral health, and it gives our patients the best chance at a terrific general dentistry checkup. The best way to care for your teeth and gums at home is to brush, floss, and rinse with fluoridated products. The general dentistry professionals at Lake Quality Dental recommend brushing twice and flossing once every day. Regular hygiene goes a long way toward ensuring you have great regular dental visits, and helps you prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Your oral health is the foundation for a beautiful smile.


  When you come in for your visit at Lake Quality Dental our general dentistry team will evaluate your dental health and educate you about oral hygiene. We will check for disease, infections, decay, and cancer. If any problems are detected, such as early signs of cavities or gum disease, our experienced general dentist will recommend the best treatments for repairing your oral health. Our dental hygienist can give you a professional cleaning that will ensure your gum and tooth health. We remove the plaque from your enamel, and polish your teeth to a nice gleam. Your mouth will feel fantastic, and your smile will look great!


  We offer our general dentistry services to create a solid foundation of oral health. Whether you need gum disease therapy to reduce periodontal infections or a root canal to treat a diseased tooth, our dental care professionals are here to provide you the best care we know how, giving you a memorable patient-provider experience.




  Protecting smiles from potential damage and decay can include a number of factors, including thorough at-home care and regular preventive dentistry checkups. One of the simplest ways to protect smiles is to apply dental sealants. These thin, protective layers of resin place a barrier between your tooth enamel and decay-causing bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Sealants are especially effective for patients who are developing their oral hygiene skills, prone to decay, and those who have deep pits and grooves in the biting surfaces of teeth that allow bacteria to accumulate. The process is simple. We apply a thin layer of liquid sealant to the chewing surface of the molars and premolars, then use a curing light to harden the sealant into place. Once in position, sealants are completely clear, and can remain in place for several years.




Oral cancer claims one life an hour on average, and of those diagnosed this year, more than half will not live five years. Researchers at the Oral Cancer Foundation posit that these startling statistics are the results of late stage diagnosis, so the best way to decrease the number of oral cancer-related deaths is to begin treatment earlier.  Screening for oral cancer as an essential component of every dental checkup.  Oral cancer screening is simple, straightforward, and painless. We use visual and tactile examinations to screen for the common signs of oral cancer, including:

  • Discolored soft tissue

  • Inflamed soft tissue

  • Bumps, lumps, or oddly textured tissues

  • Sores that do not heal

  • Chronic hoarse voice or sore throat


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