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Experience Gentle yet Effective Dental Extraction Services

We know you love your tooth, but sometimes it has to go to keep your oral health in great shape. At Lake Quality Dental, we offer tooth extraction services for our patients. With our experienced dental team, you don’t have to worry about tooth removal. Dr. Ta will be sure that you are comfortable and guide you through the recovery process.

Why your tooth needs to be extracted

When your tooth is causing pain, it doesn’t mean it has to be removed. We try to preserve it, if possible, using crowns, root canals, and other restorative treatments. However, sometimes it’s best to remove your tooth for the sake of your oral health. These instances include:

  • Crowded teeth: Sometimes, removing your teeth is necessary to make it easier to straighten your teeth. If a tooth impedes orthodontic treatment, tooth removal is needed to make the procedure a success.

  • Impacted teeth: When your tooth becomes trapped below the gum line, it can cause unwanted pressure on other teeth, at times causing inflammation and infection. Impacted teeth are removed to eliminate pain and the risk of infection.

  • Wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth grow in the late teens and early twenties when all the other teeth have developed. As such, there is usually not enough space left to accommodate an extra tooth. While a wisdom tooth doesn’t always need to be removed, it is best to remove it if it causes concerns.

  • Health concerns: Our dental team may recommend tooth extraction if your tooth is severely damaged or decayed beyond the ability to be restored.

We offer Conscious Sedation if you have dental anxiety

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